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BOYDOS – ” Plans “

Posted: August 24, 2018 in MUSIC
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Boydos, the indie rock project of Eddie Boyd, has crafted a wonderfully chaotic visual in “Plans,” 

Eddie Boyd, is Julia Jacklin’s touring guitarist, and this is his new single “Plans”.

Growing up in the Blue Mountains, Eddie Boyd spent his youth busking before studying classical guitar and touring the world as guitarist for Julia Jacklin. Between tours, Boyd considers himself a “glorified kitchenhand, but I get to wear the chef shirt.” This sort of gallows humor resonates through his lyrics. Delivering the observations of Kurt Vile and Lou Reed with a dose of adrenalin, his music is beautifully gritty and contagiously agitated.

Boyd, who hails from Australia’s Blue Mountains, explains that he wrote the song after his car broke down on the way to his parents’ house because he “never looked after it properly.” Not wishing to take the train, he borrowed his mother’s car and used the hour drive to do a bit of misery-basking. “By the time I got home I had the first verse and the chorus,” he says. “The song then developed into a bit of a comment on my group of friends who all seemed to be stuck in a rut as well. It’s about telling yourself you’re going to get your shit together but not really going out of your way to do anything about it.”

Boyd deems the themes of procrastination and self-doubt “pretty common for people in their mid-twenties” and boldly confronts their frequenters, himself included: Friends who hope their girlfriend or parents will help cover the rent this month. Friends who use other friends as a yardstick for their own behavior, calculating that they’ve got a few fuck-ups left before reaching the grand total of someone else’s.