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On his fourth solo record, the former frontman of Bomb The Music Industry! new intense highlights. The current and anxious texts occupy a prominent place for the solid skater punk and power pop background. Songs like “Scram!” and “Monday At The Beach” have a very high roar and the scream at the end of “N O D R E A M” comes straight from a Converge project. Despite the few instrumental breathers and the seemingly playful vocals, the lyrics remain very introspective and authentic. Rosenstock finds on NO DREAM the furore and passion that made Worry (2015) so great and which was painfully absent at Post-(2018).

Jeff Rosenstock performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded August 20th, 2018.

Songs: USA Yr Throat All This Useless Energy The Trash The Trash The Trash

Laura Stevenson also recently released her first live album, a recording of a show in the Netherlands in June of 2016. Of the show, she said:

“We played to a small smattering of people at Vera in Groningen – a city in the far north of The Netherlands. About forty or so folks showed up on a Saturday night. We didn’t have any expectations of how the show would go, having never been to that part of the world before and being the only band on the bill. We didn’t feel too bad at the small turnout either, having been told by Peter Weening, the venue’s director for the past few decades, that when Nirvana played the same venue in 1990 just before Nevermind came out, and when U2 played there in 1980 just before Boy was released, there were roughly the same amount of people there”

The album, which includes a cover of The Replacements,  Quote Unquote Records on a pay what you wish basis, and all proceeds go to support Planned Parenthood.



In related news, Bomb the Music Industry!, a band Laura Stevenson and Jeff Rosenstock were both members of, is the subject of a crowdfunded film, “Never Get Tired,” that you can now obtain online . The film follows Bomb the Music Industry! on tour for five years of crazy shows and DIY ethos. Watch the trailer for “Never Get Tired” below.