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The veteran San Francisco songwriter (of The Fresh & Onlys fame) is putting out a record called “You Are Still Here” this March, and on it features “Give Me Yours”, a single that came together while Cohen waited six hours for a plane out to Denver. He’d already had the chords and arrangements mapped out, but the lyrics came pouring out after Cohen had ordered a tequila soda and chicken sandwich at the airport to pass the time. Oh, and did I mention that he’d also popped “an edible” before leaving his house?

Penned while “on the verge of hallucinations,” as Cohen described it, the track reads like a paranoid fever dream. “They’re gonna drink our drinks/ They’re gonna eat our bones,” Cohen sings in the opening verse, referencing his own airport meal but in exaggerated terms.

“This ‘they are coming to get us’ attitude is a by product of the despair and hopelessness I felt being at the mercy of corporate airlines in what I deemed an irreversible front to my artistic freedom,” he explained and in my half-delusional state I adopted the ‘us against them’ desperation that permeates the album.”

Although fuelled by agony and anxiety, musically “Give Me Yours” actually sounds like a bouncy ball of sunshine. Cohen trades in his Fresh & Onlys garage rock for guitar-led folk-pop that’s much softer yet has an irresistible charm. The percussion snaps and the rhythm sways like something out of the ’60s, and it’s all smiles by the time you reach the extra peppy guitar that pops around all over the chorus. If only my breakdowns at JFK and Newark sounded this good.

Fresh & Onlys frontman Tim Cohen wrote “Give Me Yours” during an airport layover and then fleshed it out in the studio. He’s always had a way with a hook and this one’s no different. 

His new album, You Are Still Here, arrives March 26th via Bobo Integral.