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With new record Bloody Lovely set to be released on Feb 2nd, DZ Deathrays are driving up a new avenue, exploring a “swagger-rock” sound that’s bigger and nastier than ever before.

The video for Total Meltdown saw you turning into three dimensional versions of yourself in an eerie, alternate reality,frontman Shane says about the song:

The song was written in two parts, originally when we were doing Blood On My Leather I had the riffs of Total Meltdown and I couldn’t finish any vocals for it. And I sort of had a mind meltdown after being under pressure in the studio so I wrote the verses about that, about having a mini meltdown but it’s not really that serious.

The chorus was then written maybe two weeks before we went into the studio, I had written six choruses for that song and was just screaming things into the microphone. So that’s why the chorus and verses don’t have any connection at all. It’s a big dumb rock song.

The upcoming record Bloody Lovely, had a more conscious decision to drop the dance beats from before. We just want this record to have more of a live feeling and a swagger-rock, poppy sound. It took us so long to write it but now its been done for a year I’ve forgotten how different it is from the rest of them. It’s a bit bigger and nastier and I think the songs are a bit more pop.