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Sam Lynch is a Vancouver based singer-songwriter and musician, who makes wallflower hush-rock songs that will stare you down and slow your breathing. Her debut album “Little Disappearance” is out now via Birthday Cake. Since the release of her 2017 single “Mess You Made” and 2018 EP “Light and Lines”, Lynch has been gathering a dedicated audience by way of her confessional song writing and emotionally evocative live performances.

I’m sitting at my kitchen table as I write this, the same spot where so many of my songs seem to start. I’m thinking back to a year and a half ago, sitting at this table, scribbling down my thoughts and fears before flying to Montréal to begin my first studio recording process—it feels like a lifetime ago. this record captures some of my biggest and smallest moments from the past few years of my life. in the widest sense, this collection of songs circles around various forms of loss—loss of self, loss of memory, loss of time and youth; the experience of moving through your days, but feeling like little pieces are going missing as it’s all happening. yet, through recording these songs, I have begun to understand that loss can be so much more than heartbreak: a clearing, a catalyst.this record holds a dissolving resentment, a release, a fading memory, a changing reflection; a little disappearance. thank you, endlessly, for giving these songs a place to land. my words look puny in relation to the gratitude I feel. xx

“Good Year” off Sam’s album ‘Little Disappearance’—out now via Birthday Cake.