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Chicago musician Jude Shuma,  talks about his creative process, his influences, and news about his upcoming release, this charismatic singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and part-time exterminator that is Jude Shuma. He says:

“I found my grandma’s guitar under my mom’s bed… started playing it, had a few lessons and then I bought a little 8-track recorder. From there, I just kinda… I wanted to write songs, so I started writing songs and kinda laid down one track, and then laid down the next,” Jude explains when I asked what got him into music. Now, more than 15 years later, Jude says he’s collected more than enough instruments and gear to start his own home studio, saying, “It’s kind of been like a ball and chain, cause you have all this gear and you need the space and the studio to record. Living in an urban area like Chicago, it’s really hard to find a space…you can get a rehearsal space with other bands, but then you’ve got fucking metal bands next door to you and you can’t record an acoustic guitar. So it’s been kinda like, the past four years I’ve been bouncing around and finding new spots.”

he loves producing, at the moment he acknowledges that he can’t really take on production work for other artists, although he wouldn’t rule it out in the future. “I think once I finish this record, I’ll be more in control. People open studios, and then they can’t chose who they get to record there because they need to accept business to keep the money flowing. I wanna be able to be a little picky.  I want to work on music I like. Although he plays live shows with three musicians called Blaze, Blade, and Church, Jude currently plays everything from drums to bass by himself in the studio, saying that he often finds himself running back and forth between instruments.

EP Biggest Hits out now


Biggest Hits was my first attempt at engineering a record with a tape machine. I wanted to make a record that wasn’t so much driven by computers and plugins, but rather the instruments and the tones that I chose. Try to get it right the first time so when it came to mixing, the majority of the work was already done. I wanted that 60’s record simplicity in a 21st century fashion.