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Fierce, forceful and infectiously accessible this, Ballingry, Fife four-piece Paris Street Rebels emerged onto the scene just early in 2018; their debut single – produced by Johnny Madden (of Baby Strange) and Chris Marshall – ‘Freakshow’, firing an incendiary five and a half minute burst of solid punk’n’roll.

This video acts as a love letter to our home Ballingry , a tiny mining village in Fife that most people would rather ignore or wish never existed at all. A place where the young grow up mean and wild and free and the old drink to stolen kisses with forgotten loves alone in working mens pubs untouched since the 70’s.

It offers a window into our youth and more importantly , it shows the town that made us and broke us then made us all over again. We hope you lot see something in this that relates to your own lives , or at the very least understand this was made with every ounce of our hearts to bring you nothing but our best.

Big shout out to the Ballingry young team Ben Ritchie Ian Aird and all the other young rebels who gave up their precious friday night to come help us tell our story. You’ll never know what that meant to us.

And as always, thanks to the wizards that are Chris Marshall Johnny Madden and Jamie Holmes at 7 West Studios for helping us bring this to life. Also, big thanks to our long suffering benefactors Derek Wilson and Teresa Donnelly who own the legendary Red Goth pub and who let us film within the pub and have shown us nothing but kindness long before anyone else would give us the time of day.