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The Waves are a Psychedelic Pop project based in Louisville, Kentucky. The band are effectively the solo project of Austin Garner (although there is a drummer for live gigs) and from the sound of this single he is completely immersed in all things psychedelic. ‘Drifting’ is a totally blissed out song for balmy summer daze and ‘(I Can’t Seem to Get) Away From You’ is a Wondermints/Jellyfish style Psych Pop piano ballad with gorgeous multi-tracked harmonies……….download this and wait for the album. Available as a “name your price” download from there is a very cool pic of Nico on the cover.

The group came to be from a musical project started by Singer/Songwriter Austin Garner in 2010. The group went through multiple lineups as the self titled album was recorded and released in 2014.

The group is currently a two piece consisting of Austin Garner on Guitar and Vocals with Tai Lendh on Drums