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Silverbacks by Róisín Murphy O'Sullivan

“Rolodex City” is about a property mogul who has fallen on very hard times during a period where technology has changed the way his business and people work. Similar to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid getting caught out by the trains, bicycles and an increasingly small world, Mr Rolodex is running out of options. He visits a town in a barren landscape with the hope of flipping a bit of land, posing as whatever character the people there will trust – “Rolodex City” .Ultimately, our anti-hero has no luck and reluctantly ends his trip at a line dance led by Emma – feel free to join in!
“Rolodex City” features on our new album “Archive Material” out on January 21st 2022.There are still a handful of Dinked Editions of the LP available to pre-order but a lot of places have now sold out. We’re also putting it out on orange vinyl LP and blue vinyl LP (everywhere else!).
Archive Material by Silverbacks