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1/1 (Original Soundtrack)

If you’ve ever thought Liars genre-hopping tunes would be perfect for the silver screen, you are in luck. The band scored their first-ever film way back in 2014, but it is just now seeing the light of day, even as half of the pair that created it is no longer in the band. And with first taste “Liquorice,” fans get an idea of how the cinematic tale of 1/1, which focuses on “sex, drugs, love and loss,” will play out.

1/1 is the soundtrack to Jeremy Phillips’ directorial debut, due to be released 17th July 2018. Starring Lindsey Shaw (Pretty Little Liars), Judd Nelson (Breakfast Club, St Elmo’s Fire) and Dendrie Taylor (Star Trek Generations, Twins), the film submerges the viewer into the mind of Lissa, a 20-year-old girl in rural Pennsylvania and her struggles with sex, drugs, love and loss. Liars have created an electronic soundtrack that reflects the film’s use of mixed media abstractions and multi-film formats, which undoubtedly stands up as an album in its own right. Directed by: Jeremy Phillips

Created soon after liars’ 2014 album mess, these are the last recordings by angus andrew and aaron hemphill before Hemphill amicably left the band. in 2017 Angus Andrew released tfcf, Liars’ eighth studio album and Aaron Hemphill has just released nonpareils’ scented pictures, his debut solo album – both albums are out on Mute Records, Andrew and Hemphill’s label since Liars’ debut,