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Sam Ray’s agony is near blissful on A Whole Fucking Lifetime Of This, his band’s first album under their new name American Pleasure Club. (Their last LP as Teen Suicide came out in 2016.) You can hear it in his voice, the kind of depression you almost enjoy — there’s a murky pleasure in such heavy emotion, especially when the alternative is numbness. The album establishes mood over genre, spanning choked-up Bright Eyes-like vocals and dusty acoustics, hip-hop basslines and a Frank Ocean sample, and spattering electronics and Auto-Tune. Its chronology is similarly unpredictable: Lovesick obsession is interspersed with heartbreak and regret, moments of awe transition into periods of despair. Instead, the album is organized by images, memories, and fantasies. Ray retreats into snapshots of suburban adolescence — “drunk kids fucking in the backseats of cars,” dreaming of moving to Florida, “eating cherries beneath a sycamore tree,” crying in the grocery store — and uncovers their timeless relevance. Woozy, dreamy, hazy summer or sunny winter day music.


all music & lyrics by Sam Ray except –
“this is heaven” & “new years eve” – written & recorded with Sean Mercer.
“seemed like the whole world was lost” – Spencer Radcliffe on horns
“eating cherries” – Kitty’s vocals
Released February 16, 2018