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WCR 079 - ACLU Compilation - FINAL THUMBNAIL.jpg

In this powerful benefit compilation, a range of independent artists join forces to raise funds for the American Civil Liberties Union and its heroic mission to protect the rights of all people as we head into the second year of the Trump administration and its ongoing assault on the Constitution.
The album is available in a limited run of double LPs featuring all-new material from a gamut of artists across genre. This is a boon for fans of Merchandise, Palberta, Pop 1280, Profligate, and The Men, whose track “Shimmer and Shine” is a rootsy, Mick Taylor-era Stones celebration of pain. Living legend Alice Cohen graces this album’s proceedings as well, with “Hourglass” a pop track that could be a mega-hit in a less ugly world. There’s driving, urgent postpunk with Psychic Blood, Sediment Club, and Old Maybe on the roster. And the underground offers up quieter moments for this album, such as Kate Mohanty’s moving solo sax composition “Priorities” and Horoscope’s “Bri.” We go around the world to New Zealand with Joe Troutman (Trust Punks) and his new group Cheerleader and to the western United States with Dollar Band, a new group featuring Dylan Sharpe and Dan Swire of Gun Outfit. Their “Too Sensitive” features a ripping rhythm section and some of Sharpe’s best lyrics and guitar runs to date. These are just a few examples from this diverse compilation of 22 tracks.
The packaging of this record is also stellar and features artwork by Emma Kohlmann (front cover pictured above), Nick Van Woert (center labels), Sam Falls (inside gatefold design), and V. Manuscript (back cover).


Wharf Cat Records would like to thank the artists, manufacturers and engineers that donated their work, services and expertise to this project. This double LP would not have been possible without Brooklyn Phono, which donated the vinyl & pressing; A to Z Media, which donated the gatefold jackets; Carl Saff, who donated the mastering; Kutch 1 Studios/Look to Listen, which donated the recording time used by many of these artists; and Jason Vachula, who donated the layout and design.