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Debut album by electronic pioneers Suicide reissued on limited red vinyl, Comprised of Alan Vega on vocals and Martin Rev on electronics, the duo formed in the early ’70s, before coming to fame later in the decade as part of legendary NYC club CBGB’s punk scene.

Originally released in December 1977, their debut album was “described as the rock and roll version of Martin Scorsese’s neo-noir New York thriller Taxi Driver,”  Suicide’s enduringly influential debut album, Suicide. A door opener for the guitar-less synthesizer bands of the 1980s and the electronic dance music of the 1990s, the disc continues to fascinate and inspire. Singer and lyricist Alan Vega and keyboard player Martin Rev formed Suicide in New York’s amphetamine-addled Lower East Side in 1970, a time and place they nailed in early songs such as ‘Methedrine Mary,’ ‘Speed Queen’ and ‘Junkie Jesus.’

The emblematic ‘Frankie Teardrop’ is a harrowing, 10-minute portrait of desperation in which Vega relates – or, rather, emotes – the blood-stained story of a young factory worker who is driven to madness and murder by poverty. Most of the album inhabits similarly grim territory, although ‘Cheree,’ a love declaration to a dominatrix, has a pretty tune. John Lydon memorably called the track “’Je T’Aime’ with tape hiss.”

In some ways, Suicide were a latter day incarnation of Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground, psychogeographers of the same edgy New York locales and chroniclers of the lives of outcasts, outsiders and unfortunates. Suicide was followed a string of consistently inventive studio albums, ending with American Supreme in 2002, and Vega and Rev continued to perform together until shortly before Vega’s death in 2016.

Co-produced by Ramones producer Craig Leon and Red Star Records founder Marty Thau, Suicide packs a payload equivalent to a dozen Greek tragedies rolled into one, with Vega periodically blending eruptions of Diamanda Galas-like screams and wails with the frantic rockabilly of mid-1950s Gene Vincent, his all-time hero.

Originally released in December 1977, all seven tracks have been remastered for this new reissue on red vinyl, with an accompanying 12″ print.

Suicide’s 1977 self-titled debut LP is being reissued on vinyl, this July via Mute/BMG.


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Along with Martin Rev, who was his companion in the pioneering New York synth duo Suicide, Alan Vega was a visionary artist who saw the future, then helped create it.  When he sadly passed away last year, at the age of 78, he was working on his first solo album since 2007’s neglected Station. And it transpires his last album, more political than personal, is an indisputable career highlight. “DTM” is a fiercely looping surge of electronics with Vega’s unmistakable vocals riding them with tense determination. “Motorcycle Explodes” sees Vega’s lyrics veering between the cautionary and the celebratory as a clangorous Throbbing Gristle-style electro-rhythm roils beneath.  As final statements go, this is pretty special album.

The Vacant Lots will be releasing their sophomore album “Endless Nights” on April 21st. To ramp up excitement, the band have shared the video for ‘Suicide Note’, a track which features vocals by the late Alan Vega of the band Suicide .

The band explain, “a few weeks before his sudden death in 2016, Jared visited Alan’s Manhattan apartment to play the finished album, since Alan was going to write lyrics and record vocals for ‘Suicide Note’.

“After he passed away, the band received permission to go through Vega’s vault to find a vocal track for the song. After selecting an unreleased Vega track, they played it with the instrumental version of ‘Suicide Note’ and realised it was a perfect fit. “His wife said, it was like Alan was guiding us from beyond the grave.”

The band’s debut album Departure (Sonic Cathedral, 2014) was mixed and mastered by former Spacemen 3 legend Sonic Boom. Their most recent EP, Berlin, (A Recordings, 2016) was produced by The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe, who invited The Vacant Lots to record in his studio and play as BJM’s main tour support in 2014.

The video was directed by Shane McKenzie and Sophie Blazey.

The Vacant Lots
“Suicide Note” (Vocals by Alan Vega)
Endless Night LP on Metropolis Records


The band Name: The Vacant Lots have a new track available  with a superb remix coutesy of Alan Vega the band from Burlington, Vermont are Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen. Why now? The pair are releasing a new seven-inch only single on 16th March featuring this collaboration with Suicide’s Alan Vega well the original is influenced by the band and a remix of Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe Never Satisfied. Meanwhile the duo kick off UK dates on 10 March at Portsmouth’s Fat Fox.
check out the band  at

Filmed, directed and edited by Stephanie Elizabeth Third, Check out The Vacant Lots new video for the Alan Vega remix of ”6 AM.” The track is featured in their upcoming album which includes tracks from their debut album ”Departure” remixed from  Alan Vega(Suicide) and Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre). Pre-order the new album by visiting Sonic Cathedral‘s web store and listen to more The Vacant Lots music by visiting theirbandcamp page.