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After intense touring ‘Of Desire’ in Europe, Asia and beyond, The KVB returned to their studio to further immerse themselves in sonic experimentation. The resulting ‘Above Us’ heralds the next chapter in the adopted-Berliners dark, electronic pop development. With waves of synthesisers, flourishes of surf guitar and sequences driving with nervous energy, the tension finally relieves with a surging, euphoric chorus.
Brighter and more expansive than ever, the track demonstrates the bands growing ability to create sonic journeys, yet retains the atmosphere synonymous with The KVB.
“‘Above Us’ is about defiance in reaction to the anxieties of modern life. In a world where you and your data are the product, ‘Above Us’ seeks to reclaim the power over yourself and to make your own decisions.” Kat & Nick, The KVB
This Summer sees the duo make several festival appearances including Green Man and Meltdown the latter of which is curated by The Cure’s Robert Smith.
‘Above Us’ is released on Invada Records, 30th May 2018