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The Joy Formidable returns in with AAARTH, The Welsh rock trio return with yet another huge step forward, in the shape of fourth album AAARTH. It’s a punch in the gut compared to their previous releases focusing more on fuzz guitar and less on pleasing melodies, even though the melodies are complex and diverse.

Propelled by their restlessness and curiosity, the band continue to sit at the forefront of inventive and aggressive guitar music, taking what can be done with the instrument to new levels with each album. AAARTH marks a transformative, near-psychedelic rebirth that channels long-held anger, soundtracking a chaotic global period of injustice and division, setting it against a deeply poignant backdrop of personal experiences and healing. Although the album came into being as the band travelled the globe and recorded in their mobile recording studio, the music intertwines the whispering hills of Wales with the otherworldly rainbow canyons of the Utah / Arizona border. It’s an intense, melodic and commanding piece of work.

“Go Loving’ is one of my top two tracks on this collection due to it’s unblinking, clenched teeth psychotic approach and uber-cool fuzzed up guitar sound that is like a chainsaw.

Welsh alternative trio The Joy Formidable are set to release their fourth studio album next week, AAARTH. The band stopped by the Paste Studio to perform four tracks

”The Wrong Side,” “Dance of the Lotus,” “Little Blimp” and “The Better Me.”

AAARTH’s cover artwork is by Fernando Chamarelli, a very talented painter, illustrator and muralist from Brazil. We were so drawn to the piece , it’s colour & dimension, the way you see a different symbol & layer every time you look.