The ORIELLES –  ” The Goyt Method ” EP 

Posted: May 26, 2023 in MUSIC

If you are a fan of UK trio The Orielles, like me, you may already know what “The Goyt Method” is. Named for Goyt Studio where they made last year’s excellent “Tableau”, it’s a term they came up with to describe a deconstructive method of making music.  “To Goyt it,” drummer Sidonie B Hand-Halford said, “that’s getting all these pieces and rearranging them. We had vocal melodies and ideas that we’d then run through and sample, and play them on sample pads. We were being editors, really.” They take that to the nth degree on this new EP which explores their “interest in cybernetics, improvisation and experimental electronic music.” The EP takes those Tableau pieces and entirely rearranges them, using an online roulette wheel to choose the loops and stems randomly. “The Goyt Method” is almost entirely devoid of anything resembling pop structure, but these five songs are nonetheless compelling, and hang together with intent and purpose.

“The Goyt Method” EP. Released is released on 12″ on black vinyl with artwork by Ben Thompson. The 5 track EP features brand new songs constructed from randomly chosen parts of tracks from their recently released, critically acclaimed fourth album, ‘Tableau,’ which was released last Autumn. It’s the perfect companion piece to their stunning 2022 record.

released May 26th, 2023

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