NILS LOFGREN – ” Nothin’s Easy (for Amy) “

Posted: May 24, 2023 in MUSIC

Nils Lofgren has provided musical backing for Neil Young at various times over the last half-century, and now Young is now returning the favour, singing on Lofgren’s new single, the tender love song “Nothin’s Easy (for Amy).”

Amy is Lofgren’s wife, Amy Aiello Lofgren, who co-produced the album that contains this song, the album “Mountains”. It’s due to be released July 21st, and Nils Lofgren has already released one single from it, “Ain’t the Truth Enough,” featuring Ringo Starr on drums.

In a press release, Nils described “Nothin’s Easy (for Amy)” this way: “An apocalyptic landscape, the lone tulip, left in the road. Walking hand in hand with my true love as compassion and common sense careen toward extinction. This ultimate gift and blessing demands hope. ‘We’re all drowning in the answers, best get movin’, God don’t row … as I walk the hurt in this world, nothin’s easy, ‘cept you.’ After 54 years singing with musical giant Neil Young, his haunted, weathered soul, completes this song. Of course, inspired by and written for Amy.”

Other guests on “Mountains” include the late David Crosby, jazz bassist Ron Carter, singer Cindy Mizelle and the Howard Gospel Choir.

Nils Lofgren is currently touring with Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, whose next show takes place May 25th at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam.

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