CABLE TIES – ” Change “

Posted: May 14, 2023 in MUSIC

In June, the Australian trio Cable Ties are releasing a new album, “All Her Plans”, their follow-up to 2020’s “Far Enough”. They’re shared two singles from it so far, “Perfect Client” and “Time For You,” and today they’re back with another track, “Change.”

“Change’ contrasts the traumatization of victim/survivors by the so-called justice system with the solidarity and hope I have found talking to mothers, friends and strangers who have connected with the songs I’ve screamed into the abyss,” the band’s Jenny McKechnie said in a statement, continuing:

The lyrics reflect a collection of experiences I’ve had over the last decade, particularly relating to being a woman who plays loud angry, feminist music. Playing this type of music has allowed me to have deeply moving conversations with people who connect to the experiences I describe. I treasure these conversations. They are the thing that keeps me going when I feel like there’s no point to my silly little songs in my silly little band. I recorded the vocal take for this song very shortly after Roe v Wade was overturned, so I was extremely fired up and dejected, but wanted to remind myself why we keep going.

Cable Ties are Shauna Boyle, Nick Brown and Jenny McKechnie

“All Her Plans” is out 6/23 via Merge Records.

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