RECORD COLLECTOR – Jethro Tull Special

Posted: May 12, 2023 in MUSIC

Well into their sixth decade, Jethro Tull remain one of those rare acts whose work is instantly recognisable. That’s largely down to the vocal presence of founder and chief songwriter Ian Anderson, and the inimitable tones of his trademark flute. The image of him, wild-eyed and demonstrative, stood on one leg like a particularly hirsute flamingo, follows close behind in the mind’s eye. But as this special edition of Record Collector shows as we look back over 23 albums, plus singles, solo works, live LPs, books and videos, he’s always had far more to offer beyond showmanship and woodwind flourishes.

In two exclusive interviews, he colours in their turbulent history as well as offering some background on new Norse-themed album “Rökflöte”. Elsewhere, celebrity fans tell of how they first fell for the band, the top 55 most intriguing rarities are picked out of the archive and there’s an extensive discography to get your teeth into.

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