The DRUMS – ” Plastic Envelope ” and ” Protect Him Always “

Posted: May 11, 2023 in MUSIC

The Drums (the project led by Jonny Pierce) have shared two new songs, “Plastic Envelope” and “Protect Him Always.” They are interconnected songs that play as one complete piece and have been shared via one YouTube post featuring both songs. The singles are out now via ANTI-Records.

Pierce had this to say about the songs in a press release: “‘Plastic Envelope’ is about the pain that comes when your trust has been violated and the dread of not knowing if you could open your heart again the same way. The second song, ‘Protect Him Always,’ is an apology to the young boy in me, who I try my best to protect, knowing that when I get hurt, he gets hurt all over again.”

Written, performed, produced, engineered and mixed by Jonny Pierce All Instruments played by Jonny Pierce

The tracks follow an earlier song “I Want It All,” The Drums shared in April.

The Drums’ last album, “Brutalism”, came out in 2019 via ANTI-Records. Jonny Pierce has a new Drums album in the works.

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