GEESE – ” Mysterious Love “

Posted: May 11, 2023 in MUSIC

Brooklyn post-punk five-piece Geese are releasing a new album, “3D Country”, on June 23rd via Partisan/Play It Again Sam. Now they have shared its third single, “Mysterious Love,” via a self-directed music video, and announced some new tour dates.

Geese frontman Cameron Winter had this to say about “Mysterious Love” in a press release: “This song is about a dozen ’90s rock cliches mixed into one little over-produced package. We like the contrast in mood between the first and second halves. We used to punctuate the very end with one last hit and be done with it, but then one day Max Bassin, our drummer just kept hitting his drums, and we kept doing the same ending hit for like, two minutes. When we recorded it, there were about 40 hits, but our label begged us to cut them out. We ended up at around 15 after negotiations.”

Drummer Max Bassin ominously summed up the new album this way: “It feels like going to the circus and instead of having a good time, everyone is trying to kill you.”

“3D Country” includes “Cowboy Nudes,” a new song the band shared back in January. When the album was announced in March they shared its second single, and the title track “3D Country,” .

“3D Country” is the band’s sophomore album. Their debut album, “Projector”, was released in 2021, also via Partisan/Play It Again Sam.

The new album “3D Country” out June 23rd, 2023 on Partisan Records and Play It Again Sam.

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