The DURUTTI COLUMN – ” Time Was GIGANTIC… When We Were Kids “

Posted: May 10, 2023 in MUSIC

The Durutti Column’s 1998 album, “Time Was Gigantic… When We Were Kids”, will be reissued on CD and issued on vinyl for the very first time, in June.

The band were among the first acts signed to Factory Records by Tony Wilson and were led by guitarist, pianist and occasional vocalist Vini Reilly, along with drummer, percussionist and co-manager Bruce Mitchell.

“Time was Gigantic…” has been remastered and expanded for this 25th anniversary reissue with both CD and 2LP vinyl editions featuring five bonus tracks. It also boasts revised and expanded artwork by Hamish Muir and Mark Holt of graphic design studio 8VO along with extensive sleeve notes by Factory Records and band expert James Nice.

The album was The Durutti Column’s last on Factory Records (albeit on the London Records ‘Factory Too’ imprint) and was produced by Bruce Weir, who also played on the record. In fact, it would be the last ever album to be released by Factory, with funding for the label being withdrawn before the end of the decade. The album brought about the end of a 20 year partnership between Reilly and his mentor Wilson.

Lovely album this, definitely worth a go if you only know the early Factory stuff. Cool sleeve too. Quite a few vocal tracks with Eley Rudge on lead- almost reminscent of The Sundays. I can’t believe this is 25 years ago.

“Time Was Gigantic… When We Were Kids” will be reissued on 30th June 2023 via London Records.

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