BRAD – ” In The Moment That You’re Born ” and ” Shame ” Reissue

Posted: May 9, 2023 in MUSIC

Stone Gossard and Loosegroove Records are set to release two limited and exclusive ’30th anniversary’ vinyl variants of the debut Brad album ‘Shame,’ and more. There is also an official announcement for a new Brad studio LP.

Thirty years ago, the group Brad (with a young Stone Gossard) released their debut album “Shame“. Fast forward to the present. Gossard (now famous for his guitar work in Pearl Jam) is releasing new material from his old band and reissuing the debut disc.

The title track from the upcoming new LP “In The Moment That You’re Born” has also been releasedshowing off the vocal prowess of the late Shawn Smith and the musicianship of guitarist and Loosegroove Records founders Gossard and drummer Regan Hagar (Brad, Satchel, Malfunkshun), along with bassist Keith Lowe.

The death of singer Shawn Smith in 2019 was a huge loss to the band. The single “In The Moment That You’re Born and the subsequent release of the new LP stands as a celebration of the talent that Smith brought to Brad.

Stone says, “Shawn’s lyric from years ago about it never fails. You always return to the scene of the crime.’ Well, Brad has always been good at looking back and returning as well. Cherishing those times in the past, where we allowed ourselves to experience the magic of creation together, with all the sense of adventure, fear and fearlessness, insecurity and bravado.”

Regan Hagar, who is the drummer in the band as well as a founder and creative director for Loosegroove adds, “I’m moved by Shawn Smith once again. And Stone’s guitar work on this track kills me every time I listen.”

The album “In The Moment That You’re Born” features 10 new self-produced recordings with vocals recorded by Shawn Smith in sessions prior to his 2019 passing. The tracks include a new version of “Stars N’ You”; written by the late Seattle musician Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone, Malfunkshun). The song was originally recorded for the 1986 Deep Six compilation by Malfunkshun, It also featured Brad drummer Hagar. 

Stone Gossard – guitars
Regan Hagar – 
drums, cover and package design
Shawn Smith – 
vocals, piano, organ, guitar on “Down”
Jeremy Toback – 
bass guitar, lead vocals and organ on “Down”

The album “In The Moment That You’re Born” will be officially released July 28th, 2023. Our exclusive reissue of Brad’s debut album will be released at the same time.

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