THALA – ” In Theory Depression ” EP

Posted: May 8, 2023 in MUSIC

Rising artist Thala is finding strength in her vulnerability on new EP ‘In Theory Depression’. After forging a path in hazy, lo-fi indie, this forthcoming release is home to her sharpest, boldest songwriting yet, rendering these deeply personal explorations of self in vivid, ‘90s influenced indie-rock, and looming, psych-inspired walls-of-sound. The new EP sees Thala dredging up the feelings she’d tried hard to bury before. As the usual bustle of her hectic everyday life was silenced, she filled that space with song writing, delving deep into the complicated feelings she had previously left to somewhere deep within herself.

My new single ‘Curtain Call’ is out now!! And with that being said you can now pre-order my EP ‘In Theory Depression’ everywhere in the whole wide world – I’ve poured all my heart and soul into this & can’t wait to share all of these 6 beautiful songs with you! They are so close to my heart. Don’t think I’ve ever written anything more personal iml. I’m so freaking excited for this next chapter!! There’s much more to say but for now this is all you need to know. Special thanks to everyone involved in making this. Ty for believing in me when I struggle to do so.

Recalling the tangled indie-rock of Holly Humberstone, Soccer Mommy and Phoebe Bridgers, and underpinned by spiky, surging guitars, her music unearths tenderness, even as it rages. On the raw-edged new single ‘Curtain Call’ sees the narrator stare blankly at the wall, setting out her greatest fear in plain, and totally unadorned terms. “I’m scared I’ll die unhappy without someone to love”.

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