MIYA FOLICK – ” Roach “

Posted: May 5, 2023 in MUSIC

Miya Folick has unveiled her new forthcoming second album ‘Roach’, which is set to be released on 26th May via Nettwerk.

Speaking about the song, Folick has said: “‘So Clear’ is about pulling yourself out of the wreckage you’ve made of your own life again and again, for the thousands of days we live on this earth and realizing life is so much more expansive than the petty concerns we waste precious time on.”

The song was co-written by Folick and Max Hershenow, and the song’s video has been directed by Noah Kentis.

“An epiphany that I have over and over again is that I am very small, but my actions are very meaningful. So I have to choose to live truthfully every day. It’s not easy! The song is very dramatic, and I imagined it as a good karaoke song when we were making it.”

“Mommy” is maybe the most intimate song on my record,” Miya says. “It’s about heritage, memory and family. I think there’s an ache in the song that exposes the gap between my limited understanding of my parents and the full richness of their lives. The first time I played this song live was at The Echo in Los Angeles, and my mom showed up—not joking with a jar of honey for me, to soothe my throat (you’ll understand this anecdote when you listen to the song).”

I wrote this song in the middle of the night, building a demo that I carried around for years. Playing it for myself and friends. It seemed like there was a special and haunted quality about the demo that I was scared to try to reproduce in the studio, but I met with Gabe Wax and had a coffee with him along the LA river. There was something about the way he immediately stretched out and lay down on the concrete that made me feel comfortable. I would grow to know this Gabe stretch very well.

This song came together with a mix of original demo stems and some new recording. Sam Gendel sent in some sax recorded remotely and Sam Wilkes came in to play bass and wrote the tasty reharm on the third chorus.

It’s an album about trying to get to the core of what life really is. I think over the course of writing this record, I actually did the work and got closer to the person that I really want to be, even if that path isn’t linear and I still have moments where I disappoint myself, where I’m angry with myself.

Set for release on 26th May via Nettwerk Records,

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