LYLA FOY – ” Year of the Black Water Rabbit “

Posted: May 5, 2023 in MUSIC

It’s new music day, it’s a beautiful day, Because my new album is out today!! soak it all in! Although my feelings are like the tides, always ebbing and flowing and never the same, in this moment I just feel calm and v, v happy. Often I’d be full of dread & anxiety on release days but not today. “Year of the Black Water Rabbit” is the culmination of the last two years in my little corner of the world. In that time there’s been lowest lows,

I said goodbye to my Dad and told him I loved him for the last time (he replied ‘thank you’ as always but I know he did love me back) and there’s also been such elation.. I married Johnny and the sun shone down on us all day long. Anyway, all those thoughts and feelings plus loads more themes like moving out to the wilds of Wiltshire, the gruelling winter, blissful summer, getting older (only a teeny bit, I’ve frozen at 28), family, friends, vegetables, birds bickering right now outside the window.

I want to send a massive thank you to my biggest supporters, the gorgeous Dan Bell who has patiently listened, aided and built up these songs with me from start to finish. Such a talented man! I missed working with a larger pool of musicians at times but it was amazing to focus this way also, perfect for this album as it’s such a personal one, and to ease into my new home studio gently. Everything you hear on this record is played by me and Dan.

Listen out for the voice of our bestie Nicky Francis on ‘Branded’ and hone in on ‘Our Love’, a beautiful ditty written by Alex Mattinson as a gift to us when we had to postpone out first wedding date due to lockdown. It’s a beautiful song that I just had to record and share with you!

It’s bandcamp Friday so it’s a brilliant excuse to buy the album on 12″, CD or digitally right here…/year-of-the-black-water…

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