MANDY INDIANA – ” Peach Fuzz “

Posted: May 4, 2023 in MUSIC

Manchester, England’s Mandy, Indiana have shared a new song called “Peach Fuzz” from their forthcoming debut LP, “I’ve Seen a Way”.

Mandy, Indiana recorded “I’ve Seen a Way” in “caves, crypts, and shopping malls,” seeking off-beat locations with novel acoustics to achiever their sound. “These locations offered something acoustically, but would traditionally be thought of as having the ‘wrong’ characteristics for producing a ‘good’ recording,” said guitarist/producer Scott Fair. “These spaces imprint on the sound: It’s not about a lack of access to more traditional recording spaces — it’s about us capturing things happening in a specific place at that moment.”

“Peach Fuzz” is the third offering from “I’ve Seen a Way”, following the tracks “Injury Detail” and “Pinking Shears.” The album— out May 19th via Fire Talk—follows Mandy, Indiana’s 2021  EP.

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