BETHANY COSENTINO – ” Natural Disaster “

Posted: May 3, 2023 in MUSIC

Bethany Cosentino here (duh). I’m thrilled to share some news with you – I made a solo album. It’s called “Natural Disaster” and it comes out July 28th. The first song, “It’s Fine” is streaming everywhere now. Produced by the legend, Butch Walker.

The decision to put Best Coast on indefinite pause was honestly not an easy one. I have heavily identified with Best Coast for over a decade, and therefore being anyone but “Bethany from Best Coast” has felt very uncomfortable for me. The last few years have brought about many changes for myself and the entire world – and I decided to push myself through the discomfort of it all and go try out being someone else. This record is a product of that.

This band (and Bobb) mean everything to me, always will – but for now – I need to go explore being just … Bethany Cosentino. Me, myself and I!

Thank you for always accepting me for who I am, even when I wasn’t sure who that was. Best Coast fans are the absolute best (no pun intended) and I hope that you will follow along with me while I embark on this new journey. For all things Bethany – please follow along at Bethany Cosentino.

New chapter starts now, and I hope you’ll join me

The official video for Bethany Cosentino’s “It’s Fine”, from her upcoming solo debut album ‘Natural Disaster’, out July 28th

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