The ALARM – ” Forwards “

Posted: May 1, 2023 in MUSIC

Mike Peters singer songwriter and frontman of Welsh rockers The Alarm celebrated his medical recovery and return to music with the new single “Next” he is announcing a whole new album called “Forwards” — to be released in early June.

The 10-track album “Forwards” will be released June 2nd with the vinyl release featuring two different sleeves and coloured-vinyl pressings. A “classic green-and-white star white” pressing will be sold everywhere, while a limited-edition “unique metallic green vinyl” pressing will only be sold through independent record stores.

Mike Peters, who was initially diagnosed with leukemia in 2005, spent much of the last year in hospitals, receiving chemo treatments and battling a life-threatening pneumonia brought on by his relapse, according to The Alarm’s publicist who added that Mike is now “newly energized from a healthy prognosis.”

The frontman recorded with producer George Williams in between hospitalization periods, calling the process “life or death” for him. At times, according to the band’s publicists, Peters was barely able to speak due to the affects of his chronic illness.

Peters, in a press release announcing the album, says: “A lot of artists have to kill to make a record like “Forwards” and with the challenges that came my way in 2022. I certainly had to kill or be killed to realize the ambition in these songs. It was literally life or death making this record. I’ve already taken so much from life, that when I was in the hospital stricken with chronic illness, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be spared another opportunity to live. Fortunately for me, I was granted more time on earth and the challenge remains as ever, to make the most of every single second — forwards.”

“Forwards” is released everywhere and in all formats on June 2nd 2023.

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