TEMPLES – ” Exotico “

Posted: April 30, 2023 in MUSIC

Glam and glitter popsmiths Temples from Kettering, England formed in 2012 by charismatic frontman James Bagshaw and
bassist Tom Walmsle. “Indie rockers Temples demonstrate an illustrious way forward for traditional guitar music. Taking place in a mystical, dream-like utopia, this supremely ambitious sixteen track presentation is the broadest, most eclectic palette of sound yet to be released by the neo-psychedelic, alternative ensemble. There are no bounds. ‘Exotico’ let’s go of control, so remarkable things can happen. It’s the closest Temples have been to releasing a masterpiece, and that’s saying something.” 

Their 2014 debut album “Sun Structures”. A psych retro pop record sounding like 5-star sonic sugar. But the weirdest thing happened now with this new long player. This album grew on me spin after spin. It’s still a mellow, laid-back, and familiar-sounding collection of music. But its sunlit spirit, its vivid vibe, its infectious melodies are superb. Let your thoughts ignore reality and drift away in your happy-go-lucky cocoon.

“Afterlife” is off Temples’ upcoming album “Exotico”, produced by Sean Ono Lennon.

“Exotico” is out now • Here we are in the desert last Summer, reflection hit and we celebrated 10 years since Temples came to life. We’ve traveled far from the East Midlands in the time between, what feels even further in the last 2 years and when the world stopped moving, “Exotico” began. Making this record with Sean Lennon was like starting anew, and we couldn’t be happier to return back to you with something we’re truly proud of. Your response so far has been amazing.

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