COUNTRY WESTERNS – ” Forgive The City “

Posted: April 29, 2023 in MUSIC

Work harder, not smarter: classically bad advice, but when it works, it works. Country Westerns are a force, punk rock lifers playing rock music with hearted-sleeves and punched-guts. Loud and furious but with a nuance that belies their delicate and varied pedigrees.

The Nashville-based, hard-rocking Country Westerns return with their sophomore album “Forgive The City”, bringing with them a classic rock sound that is spiced with punk rock energy. 

Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Joseph Plunket and drummer Brian Kotzur form the core of the band with bassist Jordan Jones adding some oomph and producer Matt Sweeney (Zwan, Dax Riggs) dropping in a few lead guitar lines as well. The dozen songs presented are stout, touching on camaraderie, hardships, and the struggle to get through this thing called life. 

Opening with the earnest straight-ahead rock of “Knucklen’”, Plunket sets the tone with his gruff, road-weary voice, as the band bangs forward with aggressive sounds. The group has a clear punk ethos with songs barely ever touching three minutes, as the hyper drums from Kotzur move things along winningly, such as in the upbeat “Grapefruit” which recalls The Replacements brand of highwire, midwestern rock. 

The group can also slow it down with the swaying “Speaking Ill of The Blues”, the slapping laid-back groove of “Money on the Table” and “Wait For It” which pushes Plunket’s vocals front and center. Sounding like a mix of Tim Armstrong and Bob Seeger, Plunket’s harsher sound may not be for everyone, but the world-weary flow hits home; you know he’s lived it, and if he hasn’t, he sure as hell sounds like he has.

released April 28th, 2023

All songs written and performed by Country Westerns. 

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