M. WARD – ” Supernatural Thing “

Posted: April 27, 2023 in MUSIC

M. Ward is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who rose to prominence in the Portland, Oregon music scene. In addition to his solo work, he is known as a member of She & Him and Monsters of Folk.

The renowned singer/songwriter M. Ward is announcing the new studio album ‘Supernatural Thing.’ His songs “luxuriate in a dream world conjured out of memories, shared stories, and flights of fancy,” Pitchfork says, and the album’s title track also lives in a liminal space in which Elvis comes to him with a message: You Can Go Anywhere You Please.

“Well, all my songs depend on dream-imagery to some extent,” Ward explained, “and this was an actual dream I had about Elvis, when he came to me and said that. I don’t know if it’s pandemic-related or not.” Summing up the emotional tone of the record, Ward also sings on this track: “you feel the line is growing thin / between beautiful and strange.”

After spending the last 3 years in studios in Vancouver, London, Los Angeles and Stockholm im thrilled to announce my new record will be released june 23 2023 on Anti-records

The record is called “Supernatural Thing” and features the talents of @firstaidkitband @nekocaseofficial @shovelsnrope @removador @pressonrecords @gabrielkahane @johnmorganaskew + many more

The first song is out now – “Supernatural Thing” – it started out as an elvis-encounter dream i had right around the time the war against covid was beginning to end.

releases May 5th 2023

produced by M. Ward
all songs written by M. Ward except 6 (david bowie) and 10 (daniel johnston)

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