WEDNESDAY – ” Audiotree Live Session “

Posted: April 20, 2023 in MUSIC

Back in 2021, Wednesday’s “Audiotree Live” performance of their record, “Twin Plagues”, gave us goosebumps. We were so hyped to see Asheville’s premier country-gaze band release a lightning bolt of a fifth album, “Rat Saw God” earlier this month. Wednesday’s new record reveals life’s curdled beauty, taking listeners on a journey through a landscape that subtly grows as familiar as the one where you grew up. Lead singer and songwriter, Karly Hartzman, traffics in the casual poetry of people who share enough in common to skip the pleasantries. The record bursts with pile-driving rock crescendos, twinkling ambience, and grinding alt-country that sputters like a stalled motor. Revisit their “Audiotree Live Session” and go give their new album “Rat Saw God” a listen.

Wednesday is a noisy indie rock band whose chameleonic sound bounces between pounding shoegaze and melodic rock. The quintet incorporates lap steel and twinkly guitar work to round out their forward thinking songwriting.

Check out the super rad performance by Wednesday live at Audiotree.

Setlist 1. 00:00 Twin Plagues 2. 04:30 Billboard 3. 07:45 How Can You Live If You Can’t Love How Can You If You Do 4. 11:56 Cody’s Only 5. 15:18 One More Last One 6. 19:08 Toothache 7. 22:00 Handsome Man 8. 26:19 The Burned Down Dairy Queen 9. 29:49 Fate Is…

Recorded on September 2nd, 2021 in Chicago, IL.

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