The REVILLOS – ” Stratoplay “

Posted: April 20, 2023 in MUSIC

You might have been a huge new wave music fan, pogoing your way through your senior prom in 1983, not that this reviewer would know anything about that. OK, fine, this reviewer did pogo his way through his senior prom and still might have managed to miss out on the short but illustrious early 1980s career of the Revillos. But now, thanks to “Stratoplay”, a massive new wave dance party in a box, you can experience the Revillos in all their glory.

“Stratoplay”, a six-CD anthology compiled by Cherry Red Records, is one of the most complete histories of a band you’re likely to find. That history is a bit confusing, but Tim Barr helpfully explains it in his extensive liner notes. It goes like this. The Revillos began life as an entirely different band, with a similar name: The Rezillos. Probably the first punk band to come out of Scotland, the Rezillos released their debut album, “Can’t Stand the Rezillos”, in 1978, and scored a hit single in the UK that year with “Top of the Pops”. Despite this success, the Rezillos soon broke up, releasing “Mission Accomplished…But the Beat Goes On“, a live album of their final show, in 1979.

Revillos’ fifth new single is “She’s Fallen In Love With A Monster Man” and “Mind Bending Cutie Doll” on Superville Records.

Betty Page in Sounds observes that, “Eugene gets right into Monster Mashing Translyvanian vocals and evil laughs, the girls responding with a cutesy chorus… since they abandoned themselves entirely to cartoon character pastiche and novelty, it actually works.” 

The end of the Rezillos led to the birth of the Revillos, featuring Rezillos members Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds. Without diluting much of the punk edge or the wacky pop culture/sci-fi sense of humor, Revillos added a dayglo new wave sensibility to the mix. 

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