INDIGO De SOUZA – ” World Cafe Live “

Posted: April 10, 2023 in MUSIC

Indigo De Souza’s music is all about sharing the joy of connection — even if that joy is screaming into your phone, like in her new song, “Real Pain,” where she crowdsourced dozens of voice memos from fans to layer into the song. But the connections can also be more immediate. Her mother’s support helped her navigate her childhood in Spruce Pine North Carolina, where she often felt like an outsider. After finding her footing in Ashville, Indigo recorded “I Love You Mom” in her bedroom and released it in 2018.

Now with more experience under her belt, Indigo’s latest album, “Any Shape You Take“, recorded in a studio, showcases De Souza’s gifts as a songwriter and as a producer and multi-instrumentalist. In this session, we caught up with De Souza to talk about the album, growing up in North Carolina and we’ll share live recordings from the stage of World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

Set List:

  • “Darker Than Death”
  • “Real Pain”
  • “What Are We Gonna Do Now”

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