JENNY LEWIS – ” Psychos “

Posted: April 2, 2023 in MUSIC

 Jenny Lewis has confirmed her fifth solo album “Joy’All” is coming out June 9th via Blue Note/Capitol Records. The announcement comes with new single “Psychos,” which might have the realest lyric I’ve heard in a minute: “I’m not a psycho / I’m just trying to get laid.” Amen!

“I started writing some of these songs on the road, pre-pandemic,” Lewis said about the album. “Then put them aside as the world shut down, and then from my home in Nashville in early 2021, I joined a week-long virtual songwriting workshop with a handful of amazing artists, hosted by Beck. The challenge was to write one song every day for seven days, with guidelines from Beck. The guidelines would be prompts like ‘write a song with 1-4-5 chord progression,’ ‘write a song with only cliches,’ or ‘write in free form style.’” 

“Joy’All”out June 9th via Blue Note/Capitol Records.

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