BEACH HOUSE – ” Become ” EP Record Store Day Release 2023

Posted: March 25, 2023 in MUSIC

Beach House finished rolling out a whole double LP a year ago, but it turns out there was still more music left over from the “Once Twice Melody” sessions. The five-song “Become” EP will be a Record Store Day exclusive first, with digital release to follow six days later and worldwide physical release in May. According to the band:

Some bands, having left five studio tracks on the cutting room floor after their latest album, would tag those on a few weeks into the digital run and call it a deluxe edition. And maybe Beach House will get around to that eventually. But they’re our kind of band by having made a separate release out of those severed songs just for the purposes of a Record Store Day exclusive. We didn’t get a preview of this release, but fans can make up their own minds whether “American Daughter,” “Devil’s Pool,” “Holiday House,” “Black Magic” and “Become” should have made the cut for the “Once Twice Melody” album or if they comprise a fine stand-alone on their own.

We didn’t think they fit in the world of “Once Twice Melody”, but later realized they all fit in a little world of their own. To us, they are all kind of scuzzy and spacious, and live in the spirit realm. It’s not really where we are currently going, but it’s definitely somewhere we have been. We hope you enjoy these tunes, Alex and Victoria/Beach House.

Become” featuring the songs “American Daughter,” “Devil’s Pool,” “Holiday House,” “Black Magic” and the title track, and was produced by Beach House, with mixing by Alan Moulder (track 1), Trevor Spencer (tracks 2, 3, 5), and Caesar Edmunds (track 4), and mastering by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound.

“Become” will be available on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 as a Record Store Day crystal-clear vinyl exclusive, with a worldwide digital release through Sub Pop and Bella Union (in the UK and Europe) on Friday, April 28th and a full worldwide physical release (LP/CD/CS) on May 19th, 2023.

Become” promises to be a “scuzzy” outing from the Baltimore masters of texture and atmosphere. Any new music from Beach House is a treat and this crystal-clear vinyl exclusive is set to grant an insight into a side of the band that we rarely see.

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