MO TROPER – ” Wonderful ” Beach Boys Cover

Posted: March 19, 2023 in MUSIC

Mo Troper, the Portland power-pop musician whose most recent full-length “MTV” Album, puts out covers with some regularity. A couple months ago, he offered up his take on Chris Bell’s “I Am The Cosmos” and a little while after that he had his hand in a Ducks. Ltd cover of the Feelies. This weekend, he’s shared a home-spun version of the Beach Boys’ “Wonderful,” written for the “Smile” album and included on 1967’s “Smiley Smile”.

“happy st patrick’s night,” Mo Troper wrote in a tweet. “i recorded this cover of Beach Boys “Smile” classic ‘Wonderful’ . I love studying the masters. hope you enjoy, cheers and have an incredible weekend.”

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