HORSE JUMPER OF LOVE – ” I Poured Sugar In Your Shoes (Last Night Version)”

Posted: March 17, 2023 in MUSIC

Horse Jumper of Love released “Natural Part” last year, and now they’ve shared a new acoustic version of album track “I Poured Sugar In Your Shoes.” “’Last Night Version’ is always how the song was meant to be: simple and acoustic,” vocalist and guitarist Dimitri Giannopoulos says. “Sometimes the pressure of turning a track into a rock song can get to me. But this is how it was meant to be. We recorded this version because I was in my friend Rhys’ student film Townsends Last Night.

We were filming this scene outside of a gas station on Comm Ave. by Boston University where the main character has a vision of me playing guitar. We recorded it in one take because the guy who owned the gas station was closing and kept shutting the lights off on us. Rhys had to go in and beg him to give us five more mins with the lights on. So that’s all we had – five minutes – just enough time for one take of the song. I liked the performance and how you can hear cars driving by in it, so I asked them to rip the audio from the movie for me to be released as a Horse Jumper track.”

“I Poured Sugar In Your Shoes (Last Night Version)” by Horse Jumper of Love, out now via Run For Cove Records

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