GOON – ” Red Ladder ” EP

Posted: March 16, 2023 in MUSIC

Being “kind of a shoegaze band”—and who isn’t these days?—is just one of the many appeals of Goon. But perhaps more importantly and distinctively and can’t-miss-them-ly, that influence is powerfully counterbalanced by both psych rock and grunge, landing them somewhere fairly indistinguishable on the genre map once you factor in the constant string section embedded in their newest album, “Hour of Green Evening”.

Some sweet new takes on slightly less new tracks. “Flower Bell” is a painfully good (and short) track that captures the best of a “feel good” Boards of Canada track, while still being distinctly Goon. The production choices and lo-fi aesthetics combine to form a different-but-totally-valid take on what “sounds like nostalgia” actually sounds like.

Unreleased B-sides, alternate versions and demos from “Hour of Green Evening” and a re-vamped version of ‘Another Window

released November 15th, 2022

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