STOLEN JARS – ” Somewhere Else “

Posted: March 12, 2023 in MUSIC

Brooklyn band Stolen Jars have written a great song that is truly a great representation of social connection in a digital age. Catalyzed by lockdown, Cody Fitzgerald, Sarah Coffey and Elias Spector-Zabusky aimed to make an ode to finding love and warmth through a computer screen. “It isn’t safe in my head / I can’t figure out how to live in silence instead / When the world doesn’t make a sound,” Coffey sings on the track. The arrangements on “Somewhere Else” are addicting and danceable.

While Stolen Jars tackle some dark, foreboding themes on the song, the sonic textures enveloping the story are both auspicious and drunk on joy. What the future holds for the band is not etched in stone quite yet, but “Somewhere Else” signals an immediacy and excitement that we should all, gladly and buoyantly, hitch a ride with.

When we were all isolated in our rooms at the start of the pandemic, we wanted to write a dance song we could shout along to. This is what came of that, and it still feels good to scream it now. It’s a song about feeling stuck in one place, both physically and mentally, and trying to find your way out by dancing and screaming at the top of your lungs – even if you are alone and your friends are far away in their own apartments, only connected to you by the glow of a computer screen.

Stolen Jars Boom.Records Released on: 2023-02-17

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