MEGA BOG – ” The Clown “

Posted: March 12, 2023 in MUSIC

Idaho experimentalist Erin Birgy, aka Mega Bog, is back with one of her best songs ever. “The Clown,” the lead single off of her seventh record “End of Everything“, is a perfect piece of synth rock. The arrangements are mesmerizing, concise and immense.

The track is apocalyptic yet beautiful, as Birgy makes sense of perspective in a relationship, examining how roles have shifted. “‘The Clown’ is about the terrible, sensual, and chaotic release of merging one’s own multitudes, showing love to the darkness and insecurities, having curiosity about what is beyond presumed perceptions—surrendering to the uncontrollables, while nourishing the small statues of what we do have control over within ourselves,” Birgy said in a statement. It cannot be understated how funny “The Clown” is, too. Birgy is on another songwriting level here, penning verses that aren’t weighed down by wordiness. “Met a young man who said / ‘You are everything’ / And gave me everything / But I really scared him / Because all I talk about with him is / Beheading young men,” she sings. “The Clown” is playful, sublime and colorful. Turmoil is clearly on Birgy’s mind. Lucky for us, she’s translated it into something wonderfully digestible. We are in Birgy’s shoes, feeling what she feels, dancing cautiously as the world relentlessly curls inward. 

Mega Bog (the experimental pop ensemble led by Erin Elizabeth Birgy) is releasing her intrepid seventh album and first for Mexican Summer out May 19th. In conjunction with the announcement, she presents its lead single and self-directed video, “The Clown.”

Mega Bog – “The Clown” From the album ‘End of Everything’ out 19th May 2023

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