MEG BAIRD – ” Furling ” feat Damon & Naomi 

Posted: March 11, 2023 in MUSIC

After more than a decade as a fixture in Philadelphia’s musical scene, Meg Baird returns to its warm and loving embrace, and more, this May. With the release of her latest solo offering “Furling” in October and a west coast run already under her belt, Meg Baird is headed back to the Atlantic–this time with esteemed duo Damon & Naomi! Since the demise of Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi have worked as a duo, exploring folk music, psychedelia, and collaborations with like-minded musicians. No stranger to allied partnership herself, Baird will perform not only her own solo sets but joint performances with Damon & Naomi.

Of this exciting combination, Damon Krukowski writes: “We love Meg the person and we love Meg the singer and we love Meg’s new album! Psyched to be doing these shows together, first in a while for us and can’t think of a better way to reenter the rhythm of performing than to be with a friend. Naomi and Meg have collaborated previously, on two videos together – and did you know both Meg and I like to play drums…and Charlie Saufley will be joining Meg with electric guitar? So you never know what we might all cook up to do together while we have the chance. “

“Furling” moves through the breadth of Meg’s musical fascinations and the environments around them – edges of memory, daydreams spanning years, loose ends, divergent paths, secret conversations under stars – all led by a stirring, singular voice calling experience and enlightenment, elation, and ecstasy into bloom.

“Furling” by Meg Baird, out on LP/CD/Digital on January 27th, 2023 on Drag City.

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