CORY HANSON – ” Housefly “

Posted: March 9, 2023 in MUSIC

Vocalist and guitarist with the Los Angeles’ psychedelic rock band, Wand – has announced his third solo album, “Western Cum”. It will be out on June 28th via Drag City. Hanson produced the album himself, and it also features his brother, Casey, on bass, drummer Evan Backer, and pedal steel player Tyler Nuffer.

The first single from the upcoming album is ‘Housefly’. And it’s a cracker. Bringing readily, and very happily to mind Crazy Horse’s 1971 debut album – in particular, the song ‘Downtown’ – ‘Housefly’ is a bright, breezy, rollicking country-rocker that springs right out of the traps, full-to-bursting with feeling and groove. The western themes of Cory’s previous “Pale Horse Rider”, made flesh in the form of an electric band, lashed with gleaming guitar strings to tracks whose gnarled, proggy path only climes to the top of the listener’s Compulsion Index. From steel to synth, from old-school ballad to nu hardcore and ambient, Cory Hanson and band run the table of modern rocks.

For fans of ragged, sagging but melodic amp death…Cory from psych-rock beasts WAND is back with a solo gem.

After finding an old 60’s amp in a guitar store Cory has been inspired to release an album of glassy chimes and torn speaker roughness all iced by his Young-esque vocal melodies.

“Housefly” is from “Western Cum”, available on LP/CS/CD/Digital on June 23rd, 2023, from Drag City Records.

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