Posted: March 7, 2023 in MUSIC

Peter Gabriel knows a thing or two about lunar cycles, which he is happy to espouse on at length in our cover story. Stand by for tales involving full moons, gabble ratchets and foxheads when Gabriel reveals all about i/o – his first album of new music for 21 years. There’s more, of course – not least some beautiful unseen shots of The Band by Elliott Landy and The Beatles by Terry O’Neill, the swaggering return of Rickie Lee Jones, the sardonic brilliance of the late David Berman and a revelatory trip to Senegal to meet the towering Baaba Maal. There’s also OMDThe DamnedHuggy Bear and Lonnie Liston Smith. Back to new music quickly and check out Melbourne’s Brown Spirits, whose psych jams are causing a significant stir in the Uncut office. And don’t forget our free CD rounds up the month’s best new music, including tracks from North AmericansPurling HissSpencer Cullum’s Coin CollectionFruit Bats and that Steve Gunn/ David Moore collaboration I mentioned at the top.

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