BONNY DOON – ” Let There Be Music “

Posted: March 3, 2023 in MUSIC

Bonny Doon have announced a new LP, “Let There Be Music”, their first for ANTI-Records. It’s set to arrive on June 16th, and it will include the previously released singles ‘Crooked Creek’ and ‘San Fransisco’. The announcement comes with the release of the new single ‘Naturally’, alongside a video filmed by Ian Rapnicki and Ben Collins.

The first release since the band’s pair of albums in 2017 and 2018 comes after guitar/vocalists Bill Lennox and Bobby Colombo joined Waxahatchee to play on her album “Saint Cloud” and join her on tour. Then the band was sidelined because of health—drummer Jake Kmiecik suffered complications from his Crohn’s disease and Colombo dealt with a brain injury and Lyme disease.

“‘Naturally’ is a song where the musical development really mirrored the lyrical content, specifically the idea of leaning into a situation and letting it develop organically, in this case that of a relationship,” the band’s Bill Lennox explained in a statement. “The song began as a slow ballad and worked better as a more uptempo thing, and a certain sentiment only made sense when translated to French. It speaks to those kind of unexpected surprises we encounter when we surrender to the flow of things.”

Bill Lennox: vocals, acoustic guitar Bobby Colombo: bass, electric guitar, electric piano, synths, piano, backing vocals Jake Kmiecik: drums, percussion Kyle Forester: piano

Produced by Bonny Doon and Brian Fox

New Album ‘Let There Be Music’ Out June 16th On Anti Records.

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