The NATURAL LINES – ” The Natural Lines “

Posted: March 2, 2023 in MUSIC

The Natural Lines is the new project from Kingston NY-based indie singer/songwriter Matt Pond PA. For years now, Pond has kept up a prolific output, releasing over a dozen albums as Matt Pond PA in the past two decades. However, in 2017 he announced his intention to retire the moniker. The Natural Lines represents a natural evolution for Pond, one created at an intentional and meditative pace, with Pond refusing to rush his songwriting.

Pond teased the revival last year with an EP, “The First Five”, followed by another new single, ‘Monotony.”

The second song from our upcoming album is out today, “A Scene That Will Never Die”, along with an amazing animated video by Joy + Noelle!. From a true story. The scene starts with me at the end of my rope on the east coast. At this point in late summer, I sent a text message to the love of my life — before she was the love of my life — to see if she’d like to sleep under the stars. She was performing on the opposite coast and stopped mid-show to respond.

We did not go camping. But every ensuing message brought us closer and closer until we became an inseparable team.

Until recent years, it was out of character for me to be openly grateful. And further, to appreciate the virtues of modern technology. I was better at destroying phones than using them as a proper tool.

But I believe people — including me — are capable of change. We are capable of being better people. And I believe we are even capable of love.

Starbursts of guitar and cinematic synth melodies drive the song forward as Pond’s song writing builds up to a soaring high, tapping into a magnetic vein of instant indie joy. Meanwhile, his lyrics offer a heart warming confessional element to the track, bringing the sweet love story to life一“Because you stayed awake / Because you gave more than you had / Because you remained / Because you made mistakes / Because I made them too / And they brought us to this place.”

Debut LP “The Natural Lines” Due Out March 24th

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