STARCRAWLER – ” The Current Session “

Posted: March 2, 2023 in MUSIC

Los Angeles band Starcrawler released their third full-length album, “She Said,” last September 2022. While touring in support of the album, Starcrawler visited The Current studio to chat with host Ayisha Jaffer and to play songs from the new album.

Starcrawler’s Autumn de Wilde and Henri Cash met in high school in Los Angeles. Both were disenchanted with school and wanted to be in a touring band. “We rehearsed every day after school because we wanted to make it really happen,” Cash recalls. “And it did.”

“We both really, really had the same drive,” de Wilde adds, “which is I think the most important thing in starting a band, is everyone has to be kind of on the same page.”

Last September, Starcrawler released She Said, their third full-length album. While touring in support of the album.

Watch video of the performances above, and listen to the full session with interview in the audio player above. You can also read an interview . Starcrawler share their origin story, and they also talk about how one of their songs can trace its roots to Phoebe Bridgers’ guitarist and — yikes! — a car accident.

watch a three-song performance by Starcrawler, recorded live in The Current studio.

Songs performed: 00:00:00 Road Kill 00:02:18 Stranded 00:06:03 She Said

Musicians: Arrow de Wilde – vocals Henri Cash – guitar Seth Carolina – drums

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