GENA ROSE BRUCE – ” Destroy Myself “

Posted: February 26, 2023 in MUSIC

“Deep Is the Way” is the sophomore album from Australian singer-songwriter and horticulturalist Gena Rose Bruce. The album finds her working with long time collaborators and forging a new wildcard relationship. Through lockdown Bruce corresponded with the iconic songwriter Bill Callahan, their connection resulting in them writing two songs together: “Foolishly In Love” and the title track to the album, “Deep Is The Way” (which also features the two of them duetting). “Working with Bill was very poetic and brought a feeling of nostalgia.

We have only ever had written correspondence, sending lyrics back and forth to each other, with sometimes weeks in between responses, just analysing lyrics, there was no small talk, just keeping it about what’s important – the music.”

Bruce’s 2018 debut album was much praised and resulted in her being invited to play SXSW and a UK tour was planned. Then there was COVID. In the absence of touring, she has relished nature’s therapeutic qualities, through her newfound love of gardening, which she’s now studying.

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