Posted: February 18, 2023 in MUSIC

The latest issue of Record Collector is out next Thursday. Bit of a Pink Floyd “Dark Side” spectacular, with a cover image created by Jill Furmanovsky, buffed to a brilliant purple shine by the design team at RC. Over 18 pages we revisit the 1973-4 Dark Side gigs, offer a Buyers’ Guide to all the DSOTM iterations, name some of Dark Side’s progeny, speak to Jill F about her collaborations with the Floyd, and present the 50 most sought-after Dark Side collectables. Oh, and Alan Parsons recalls his stint manning the boards during Floyd (and Beatles, and Pilot) recording sessions. Plus, Van Morrison talks (don’t mention Covid), Sam Brown explains how she made a new album ‘without’ her voice, Rick Buckley takes us on a photo by photo journey through The Jam’s peak period, and Lee John recalls bringing some US polish to Britfunk. And there are appreciations of David Crosby, Jeff Beck and Tom Verlaine.

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